Announcement we are coming to Vietnam

Announcement we are coming to Vietnam

Why Vietnam?

Vietnam is a famous tourist country in the region. The demand for accommodation here is also extremely large. That’s why The Spa Resorts we hit this market.

In the near future, we will implement the construction of a resort spa system in the coastal provinces of Vietnam such as Nha Trang, Binh Thuan, Da Nang,… There is a great deal of tourists coming here as well as the demand for Spa.

You experience the service here will still ensure the same quality as at Samui Thailand, even with many improvements in our equipment. All with the aim of providing the best customer experience.

When will we operate in Vietnam?

This is our official decision in the next 5 years plan. All are still in the process of getting started. This business expansion is as important as it is big to The Spa Resorts. We have carefully prepared and shaped that in the next 5 years you can experience the best service.

Our great partner

To be able to approach and implement the project in Vietnam, The Spa Resorts needed the tremendous help of strategic partners. We have had the dedicated advice of our industry colleague We have discussed and shared the same vision with this health and beauty care industry. Although we have been in the industry for many years, we still learn a lot from our Vietnamese friends.

The next unit we want to thank is Minh Thinh Phat Construction Company. With many years in the construction industry, experience for spa services, we have got the most satisfactory design and will definitely become a place that resonates in the near future. We are very pleased to introduce the services of Minh Thinh Phat to you. If you want to build a package house, you can access it through this link:

Those are the latest announcements of The Spa Resorts want to send to you. Hope we will be successful in Vietnam in the near future.